Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Reflections

At my age, I have discovered how little I know and understand about anything.  Now, I listen more, and talk less.  Now, I read more, and still speak less; the silence has its golden edges.  I meditate harder now, and stare into the comfort of darkness.  If truly the gods of my fathers exist, I shall meet them there.  When spoken by some, words become finite and in some cases, empty.  The children hold many answers before they grow up.  When you assume that you hold universal truths to be self-evident, you discover black holes of self-delusion.  Maybe holding on to that star-struck wonder of a child is a good thing.  Fools follow their own path to winning an academy award.

                                              Copyright @ 2012 Terry Unger

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

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