Monday, October 1, 2012

A Brief Moment Within My Temple

I cannot wrap my mind around the Infinite.  It astounds me (well, not really) that many people have chosen to personify the All that Is.  In doing so, they have taken the wonder and majesty out of Life.  It is almost as if they have filled a liter bottle with ocean water, and then claim that the filled bottle is all that is, ignoring the source.  Personification of the Infinite does not bring us closer to the All that Is.  Rather, it offers reasons and opportunities to torment the less fortunate.

The finite descriptions of the Infinite always disappoint, even for those who count themselves among the strongest of the faithful.  And, these descriptions rise and fall, on the climate of human whim.  The logic and reason that is within me, finite that it is, makes it hard to personify something, that in its totality, is incomprehensible.

                                                  Copyright @2012 Terry Unger    

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