Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Crystal Ball

As I gazed into my amazing crystal ball, I saw how the meaning of things that we think are so important today  had changed, 100 years from now, as defined by the then popular dictionary:

Social Media - A poor excuse for human face to face interaction; the complete lack of human contact, substituted by cyber-space usage championed by keyboard jockeys and professional mind benders; a major reason why humans became socially inept and backward.

MySpace - A cyber-space dead zone that was created by Facebook.

Facebook - A social media internet device where people bullshitted other people into believing how important they thought they were; a place where the weak of heart and mind discussed their personal problems and received really bad "therapy" from their "FB friends;" a place where pictures and other "intellectual property" were urged to be posted only to be taken by the Facebook gods and given to advertisers - like online dating sites; a place where too much personal information was available for the world to see; at the time it was a major excuse that was used for not going out with real friends and having a good time - it was believed to be safer.

Twitter - A social media site that gave the applicant the opportunity to hook as many people as he or she could in a 140 characters or less; a teaser; a bullshit loss leader.

Wikipedia - a brilliant idea that was hampered by:  the continual  need for donations and the allowance of people to change real factual data to match their agenda/perspective.

Mental Illness - The misplaced sense of right and wrong and the inability to verbally face to face communicate with another person due to the overuse of social media; the belief that you live in a parallel universe and are a walker between those worlds; the constant babble of Star Trek and Steve Jobs quotes; thinking that a cell phone is a real best friend; sleeping with a computer.

Insanity - The above about mental illness plus the total lack of reality, including that of one's own self, family, and others.

                                                  Copyright @2012 Terry Unger    

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