Friday, September 28, 2012

Time To Kiss My Ass Goodbye?

Since I wrote and published the Reluctant Hero Trilogy (The Last Wizard - The Story Of A Reluctant Hero, Son of the Morrigan, and Ragnarok) beginning in 2008, there's been a glut of movies and television shows that bathe themselves in some kind of post apocalyptic genre.  I am neither pompous nor naive enough to think that those productions got their ideas from my work.  Maybe, they were impregnated with the minor mayhem that was created by the dire predictions after the Mayan calendar was deciphered.  Well, maybe; people seem to feed on fear and there are those that profit from that fear.  Within this context, fear sells damned near anything.  But who knows?  Maybe some folks tapped into the collective unconscious described by Jung, or the mystic's concept of Divine Mind.

Two of the above allows us to "pierce the veil" with various means.  The Mayan calendar does not, because it was written by men and open to interpretation.  Many books have been written, based on the Mayan calendar, that proclaim the end of our world will be on 12/21/2012.  Those authors and their publishers have made a lot of money.  Recently, other researchers have found that that first interpretation to be false, but few have written about that.  It does not push people to freak out - remember Y2K?

In general terms, and I do mean general, there has to be a giant gap between the end of the world and the end of a cycle.  Remember, pilgrim, change happens - period.  And really, think about this:  if the world should end today, tomorrow, or on December 21st, what the hell are YOU gonna do about it?  The answer should be abundantly clear - Nothing.

Now let's get a bit personal.  Our world (I/me/my/our/yours) will end when we die; like it or not, death is inevitable.  The Reaper gets us all.  Here's the kick - we do not know our date of death.  For me, this is more meaningful than a thousand December 21st predictions.  My answer, my response to all of these predictions?  Live and love your loved ones everyday like it's your last.  The hell with predictions.

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