Friday, September 7, 2012

My Top Ten List Of Strange and Wacky Human Behavior

#10 - Spouses cheating on each other....simultaneously.

#9 - Stiffing your waiter/ tip.

#8 - Not giving credit where credit is due; hogging all the glory for yourself.  In general, using other people for self gain.

#7 - Really believing that there is a thing in life known as a "free lunch."

#6- Smoking in public places where smoking is prohibited.

#5 - Taking Fido for a walk and not cleaning up the poop.

#4 - Expecting other people to pay your share.

#3 - Cursing and other asinine behavior in front of children.

#2 - Talking and texting while driving-----Ugh!!!

#1 - Not taking responsibility for your words and deeds.

                                                Copyright @2012 Terry Unger  

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