Monday, September 3, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons Why We Watch Football

The 2015/2016 NFL season is here......a few of my thoughts.

#10 - You believe that John Madden is a god; you know that Vince Lombardi has a seat on Mount Olympus.  

#9 - You like watching the cheerleaders and hope that at least one of them has a "wardrobe malfunction."  

#8 - You enjoy watching a bunch of men chase each other in tight pants.  

#7 - You like the feel of the ball.  

#6 - When you go to a game and sit in the nose bleed section, you get to see some great MMA fights.  

#5 - It's a great reason to buy a 72" television.  

#4 - You get to have/go to parties for 16 consecutive Sundays.  

#3 - Monday night football makes up for a lousy Monday at work.  

#2 - NFL Thursdays is a good excuse to go out and have a few beers with friends.  

#1 - It beats sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing.  

                                           Copyright @2012/2015 Terry Unger  

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