Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons For Giving Cash As A Gift

#10 - You will not agonize over if the recipient will like your gift.

#9 - That funny holiday sweater will not come back to you via some re-gifting scheme.

#8 - You will not waste your time guessing what the recipient wants.

#7 - You avoid those crazy holiday shoppers.

#6 - Since you didn't buy anything, you don't have to keep receipts for the inevitable return that is bound to happen.

#5 - You will not have to endure the fake smile from the recipient that really means they hate your gift.

#4 - When you put one dollar in a gift card it sends a strong message.

#3 - Who is gonna ask you to "return" cash?

#2 - Giving cash can make you appear extremely beneficent and magnanimous.

#1 - Giving cash is just easier.

Author's Note:  I still enjoy watching the grandchildren having more fun with the empty box that the expensive toy came in rather than the toy itself.  Hint - maybe an empty box holds more secrets then what meets the eye.  

                                               Copyright @2012 Terry Unger  


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