Monday, September 3, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons For Staying In Bed

#10 - It's raining, sleeting, or snowing out side.... and it's really cold out there!

#9 - It's a holiday, a weekend, or your birthday.

#8 - You're just too damned tired to drag your ass out of bed; rough night and hungover or just too damned sick to be seen in public.

#7 - You forgot to set the alarm so, screw it!

#6 - Whatever "it" is, you can do "it" tomorrow.

#5 - You work from home and it's more comfortable to work in bed rather than your home desk.

#4 - You really need 7 to 8 hours of great sleep.

#3 - It's a good place to start that new diet.

#2 - You have clean sheets and a spiffy new blanket.

#1 - Your significant other is there.

            I am sure that there are more reasons for staying in bed; feel free to add your own!

                                               Copyright @2012 Terry Unger

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