Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Problem With Perception

When we touch a hot burner or get too close to that roaring fire, we get burned.  We do not just feel it, but we perceive it.  Our perception of what is supposed to be true and false comes from our five senses and what we have been told.  So, what we perceive, is what we believe.  Once we have experienced our burned flesh, we know that when we put our hands in a flame, we will get burned.  But is that red wall really red?  To you yes, but it will not appear as the same shade of red to another - we perceive things differently - because we are all unique.  What you find beautiful, another will find repugnant.  Revel in your uniqueness and your individuality.  But, beware of all that wants you to think and believe in a certain manner.  A guarded disposition will sense the fire that can burn you.  However, some people will believe anything, even when they get burned; thus the problem with perception.  

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